A Psychologist’s View on Referrals – Bev Flaxington on the Becoming Referable Podcast

This week on the Becoming Referable podcast, we’re joined by Beverly Flaxington, co-founder of The Collaborative. Beverly has spent over 25 years in the investment industry including roles as Managing Director at John Hancock, COO of a $3.5 bn advisory firm, and Head of Relationship Management at Pershing.

Today, Beverly holds two patents on practice management programs she created for one of the world’s largest mutual fund companies. She is a three-time best-selling and Gold-award winning author of Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior and The Pocket Guide to Sales for Financial Advisors, among others. She’s a Certified Behavioral Analyst and Certified Values Analyst, and you can find her work regularly in Psychology Today online, and a weekly column called “Ask Bev” in Advisor Perspectives magazine.

As you can imagine, Bev has a lot to teach us about human behavior, and specifically, client referral behavior. We start our conversation with an understanding of why clients don’t refer despite being satisfied, and how you can use that understanding to bridge those gaps. Bev walks us through her strategy and steps involved with story telling. You’ll hear how you can start crafting effective client stories that demonstrate your true value, and how you can arm your clients with the right ways to tell them to the exact clients you’re looking to attract. We finish off with thoughts on using the same approach internally with your team, to ensure that future generations of advisors have the tools they need to ensure sustainable growth for the firm.

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