Adopting a Voice of the Client strategy – Becoming Referable podcast

Research has shown that engaging your clients in co-creating the experience you provide them can lead to higher levels of loyalty and referrals. You are familiar with some of the tactics – surveys, client advisory boards, etc. – but does that actually rise to co-creation? This week on Becoming Referable we will discuss a voice of the client strategy. Integrating that voice is critical for any progressive business, and we will review what it is and how you can develop one of your own.

In our conversation, we focus on implementing a voice of the client strategy and how to use that approach to reflect what is most important to clients into your business. We examine some of the biggest client experience trends, such as co-creation of value and how that will impact your business in the future. We touch on the importance of client feedback, how to understand what clients are really communicating and how to design your experience around those needs and preferences. We finish off the episode by sharing some specific tactics and tools that you can use to incorporate a voice of the client strategy to build your business and drive referrals.

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