Melissa Intezar

Referrals through Centers of Influence – Melissa Intezar on the Becoming Referable podcast

Do you want to build strong relationships with Centers of Influence? What are the best steps to take when establishing a referral management strategy? On this week’s episode of Becoming Referable, we speak with Melissa Intezar, Vice President and Manager of Enterprise Consulting at AssetMark. Our focus is on having processes behind a referral management...Continue reading

Being specific about your ideal client

A quick test of your referability

In a client driven practice, clients drive strategy through their unique needs and wants and drive business development through referrals. Here’s a quick way to see how referable you are. Ask your clients the ideal people who should work with you – who comes to mind when they think of your firm? This has become...Continue reading

Make referral marketing a system

You may have tried lots of things to get referrals and been disappointed by the results. This week on Becoming Referable we talk about the difference between doing things and implementing a system to consistently attract referrals. We talk – a lot – about referral tactics on this podcast. But we know that the systems...

When you improve things, make sure people know about it.

Promote your improvements

My wife and I joke with each other, while posting pictures of us on date night, that if it doesn’t appear on Facebook it didn’t actually happen. In a recent client advisory board, the firm wanted to find out what clients thought of its new and improved planning and file sharing systems. If I can...Continue reading

Advisors already compete with Amazon

Advisors already compete with Amazon

I took my bike for a tune-up recently and struck up a conversation with the owner, Scott. When the pandemic hit, demand for bicycles doubled. Bike shops sold out. Manufacturers have scrambled to catch up and production has been plagued by supply-chain interruptions. I asked Scott how the business was doing without being able to...Continue reading

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