Be trusted and believed – Kelly Decker on the Becoming Referable podcast


This week on the Becoming Referable podcast we’re joined by Kelly Decker, President of Decker Communications. Kelly and her firm help professionals and senior leaders create an optimal communication experience. She’s a keynote speaker, coach for executives from Fortune 500 companies, and author of Communicate to Influence: How to Inspire your Audience to Action.

As an expert on how business owners can go beyond just effective communication to real influence, Kelly took the time to provide a blueprint for our audience. It all starts with understanding how you communicate with clients and prospects today. How do you come across in terms of confidence and authenticity? How do you introduce yourself to a prospect and how does that first impression translate?  Are you making the most of the opportunity to show your passion? Are your review meetings structured just to check off a list and move on to the next one, or are you focused on strengthening the relationship and finding ways to improve the meetings? Kelly is here to challenge you to take stock of all of this and more.

From there, she shares the strategies to help break old habits we all share, and leverage tried and true methods to generate influence, and naturally, referrals. Kelly points out that even once you receive a referral, that referred person is still evaluating you, asking “did my friend refer me to the right person?” You’ll come to understand her SHARP method to integrate into our daily conversations. Perhaps just as important, you’ll learn to steer clear of the things that are counterproductive and can result in missed opportunities.

Click here to listen to the conversation, and let us know what you think!

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