Brand is Everything – Tina Powell on the Becoming Referable podcast

On today’s episode of Becoming Referable, we’re thrilled to speak with Tina Powell who will tell us why “brand is everything”.

Tina is the CEO of C-Suite Social Media, a digital marketing consultancy for the financial services industry. With over 20 years of work in hands-on digital marketing campaign and strategy, Tina’s extensive experience has kept her on the cutting edge of marketing and social media. She’s an active speaker, including on the TEDx stage and serves on the TD Ameritrade presidential panel. She’s on the faculty of the Advisor Thought Leader Summit and is a judge for both the T3 Technology Tools for Today Conference Student Competition and the Industry Awards (the Wealthies).

Today we’re discussing what it means to have a brand (yes, you have one) and how to ensure you’re intentional about nurturing that brand.  Tina reminds us that if your website is not current (or if you don’t have one), the people your clients refer to you will simply move on to the next advisor rather than searching you out. She shares insights on how to not only create content but how to make sure that content is found. We talk about the different ways you can share content and how to get the most out of every piece of content you produce. Tina shares great ideas to help you understand if your brand and digital presence is current and the big mistakes that we are making as an industry in this regard.  And, of course, she talks about the connection between all of this and driving more referrals.

Click here to listen; and make sure you’re subscribed for future episodes.

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