Researchers used the Perception Analyzer tool to evaluate referral language

How to talk about referrals

What if you could monitor your client’s emotions as you spoke with them about referrals. Then you could know, word by word, what you say that makes them feel good and what annoys or even angers them. You could try different conversations and learn to say just what makes them feel best and maximizes the...Continue reading

Melissa Intezar

Referrals through Centers of Influence – Melissa Intezar on the Becoming Referable podcast

Do you want to build strong relationships with Centers of Influence? What are the best steps to take when establishing a referral management strategy? On this week’s episode of Becoming Referable, we speak with Melissa Intezar, Vice President and Manager of Enterprise Consulting at AssetMark. Our focus is on having processes behind a referral management...Continue reading

Broeg, Keiffer, and Krise discuss referrals during a pandemic

Getting more referrals than ever during the pandemic – InTandem Financial on the Becoming Referable podcast

On this week’s episode we speak with InTandem Financial Partners Matt Krise and Jay Broeg and Director of Client Relations & Marketing Traci Keiffer. While the pandemic has altered the way advisors interact with clients, InTandem has experienced a year of unprecedented growth for their business by truly engaging with their clients. The team describes...Continue reading

Penny Phillips

Upgrade your client experience and create an attractive referral experience – Penny Phillips on the Becoming Referral podcast

On this week’s episode we speak with Penny Phillips, President and Co-Founder of Journey Strategic Wealth. She has extensive experience coaching and consulting financial advisors, business owners and wealth management institutions on assembling the resources and tools they need to powerfully serve clients. The pandemic has altered the way advisors interact with clients. Phillips observes...Continue reading

Brad Swineheart shares the secrets of digital marketing success

Running and promoting on-line events that attract clients – Brad Swineheart on the Becoming Referable podcast

On this week’s episode we speak with Brad Swineheart, VP of Channel Marketing and Business Development at White Glove. Brad helps advisors grow their bottom line organically through effective marketing strategies. Traditionally, White Glove was in the seminar business. White Glove has grown to support over 1,500 advisors who have hosted more than 10,000 seminars...Continue reading

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