Changing the client conversation to drive referrals – Mark Schoenbeck on the Becoming Referable podcast


On this episode the Becoming Referable podcast, we are thrilled to feature Mark Schoenbeck, EVP and National Sales Director at Kestra Financial.

Mark is committed to helping financial advisors build quality, sustainable businesses, and has been doing so for over 15 years. He has extensive experience as an advisor, chief marketing officer, and practice management consultant. He believes that real change happens when you combine emotionally charged goals with accountability and practical execution.

We unpack those concepts in our conversation with Mark. Among the questions we ask him are: What do advisors need to do differently to increase referrals? What does it mean to be vulnerable with clients, and how does it deepen the relationship with the client? What does it really mean to be in a relationship business? And how can advisors communicate with clients and prospects in a way that truly helps them stand out in the field?

We talk about how advisors miss out on opportunities by keeping the conversation technical and superficial rather than personal and intimate. The conversation is about real questions that we tend to avoid, and yet can be some of our most powerful assets. Mark talks about using your personal stories and your ‘why’ to help define a clear and authentic niche, and translating that into building stronger relationships and a highly referable business. Near the end of the conversation, Mark shares his favorite question to ask advisors to help them understand their ideal clients and their unique value.

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