Want to get the most value out of your client advisory board experience? Work with us to organize and conduct it!

Our proprietary process will give you the support and guidance every step of the way to get the right people around the table and harvest the most valuable feedback.

And our facilitators have more experience than anyone in the professional advice business.

  • Selecting the right candidates
  • Crafting the invitation
  • Creating an effective agenda
  • Venue selection
  • Developing Prep Kits
  • Effectiveness training

Once we facilitate the meeting, you receive five deliverables:

  • A recording of the meeting
  • A transcript of the meeting
  • A transcript of the notes, post-its, and flipcharts we create
  • A review of the discussion with recommendations for implementing the feedback
  • A report you can distribute to participants

We have an extensive bank of questions tested with other boards to help you get the most valuable guidance on improving and marketing your client experience.

Topics include:

  • The most valuable aspects of your service
  • Your differentiators
  • Your review meetings
  • Your advice process
  • Your client communications
  • Your client events
  • And many more

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