Coaching clients to leverage their wealth in the service of others – Dr. Tom Deans on the Becoming Referable podcast

Award-winning speaker and Globe and Mail best-selling author and international speaker Dr. Tom Deans believes that the unprecedented wealth transfer in Canada of $1 trillion will transform lives, culture, and the nation itself. Wealth managers play a key role in guiding clients, regardless of their wealth, to leverage those resources to live extraordinary and purposeful full lives in the service of others.

In this week’s podcast we speak with Deans about how we can have these conversations with clients.

Dr. Tom Deans is a highly sought after international public speaker and writer on succession planning, wealth management and philanthropic giving. He is the author of Every Family’s Business, the best-selling family business book of all-time and selected by The New York Times as one of the Top Ten Books Business Owners Should Read. His long-awaited sequel, Willing Wisdom, was released to critical acclaim and is already a Globe and Mail and New York Times best-seller. Both of Tom’s books deal with the intergenerational transition of family wealth.

In our conversation, we discuss the importance of estate planning and the importance of having awkward conversations to build stronger relationships with your clients. We break down the ‘Willing Wisdom Index’ and how you can discover gaps in your estate planning to deliver a stronger customer experience. Tom discusses how advisors can take action to protect clients and their families by being prepared for all that comes with transitional wealth planning and the repercussions of not having these conversations before it is too late. It is a great conversation which will leave you asking yourself what you can do to ensure your clients are protected and prepared.

Click here to listen we welcome your feedback, as always.

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