Create more marketing impact through campaigns – the Becoming Referable podcast

Here on the Becoming Referable podcast, we’ve had the pleasure of talking to many wonderful guests about a variety of topics that help you drive referrals. Today, we thought we’d shift gears and have a chat, just the two of us, and explore how you can fuel your marketing and referrals efforts by organizing them into ‘campaigns’.

In our conversation, we dive into the benefits of coordinating your marketing into campaigns around key themes and examples of how you can systematically raise interest among your ideal clients. We talk about how the focus on themes, rather than individual marketing messages, drives your message home, adds value for your clients and helps to attract prospects. We look at how client communication and new business development can be thought of as a single process. And, we help you discover ways you can leverage what you are doing with clients to drive growth. Finally, we discuss breaking down big concepts and how to find efficiencies in your marketing activities.

Click here to listen and do provide your feedback on what you hear!

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