Creating an Incredible Retirement – Brian Fricke on the Becoming Referable podcast

One of the topics we visit frequently on this podcast is how to create a unique offer that distinguishes you from other advisors your prospective clients may be talking to. On this episode we talk with Brian Fricke, the founder and CEO of Financial Management Concepts in Orlando.

Brian, like many advisors, focuses on pre-retirees. But, unlike many who simply say they do pre-retirement planning, he coaches clients on how to create an Incredible Retirement®, which he defines as doing what you want, when you want, and is also a living example of how to do that himself. Brian Fricke travels the world surfing with his sons, proving that anyone can experience an Incredible Retirement®.

In our conversation we will talk a little bit about the various strategies he has tried around that idea of promoting an Incredible Retirement®, and some of the successes and failures he experienced along the way. We will discuss the communications that he sends clients on a regular basis, including weekly videos that his clients really like and sometimes share with other prospective clients. It’s a really fun conversation that has a lot of specific tips on things you can do to help separate your practice from your competition.

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