Creating Client Communities


Many of the guests on the Becoming Referable focus on the connection between being crystal clear on which clients your business is designed to serve and referrals.  Many firms, especially larger ones, face the challenge of having a large client base encompassing multiple target markets, where creating a unifying niche is not so easy. Today’s guest, Heather Robertson Fortner, takes that niche concept up a notch and shares how her firm has created client communities to grow to 1800 clients and 20 advisors.


Heather is Partner, Chief Compliance Officer, and Chief Operating Officer at SignatureFD, a firm that manages over 4 billion dollars, and received the Charles Schwab Best in Business Impact Award in 2016.

As you’ll hear in our conversation, SignatureFD has gone beyond the idea of one niche, and has built the business around key communities, or initiatives, that reflect the needs of their client groups. Heather shares the things that are consistent across communities and how they tailor their services and communications for each group. She talks about how they’ve come to understand those needs through highly successful client advisory boards. She also provides details on the firm’s marketing strategy, including why they promote their communities more than the firm as a whole. We finish up with the core values that attract the firm’s talent, and generate highly qualified referrals.




Click here to listen to the conversation.

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