Creating strong teams — a Becoming Referable podcast with Kelli Cruz


If you’ve ever been tempted to scream “Help – I have a team!”, this week’s episode of the Becoming Referable podcast is for you.

Our guest is Kelli Cruz, founder of Cruz Consulting Group, where she works with advisory firms on their human capital, to build their ‘talent wealth’ and create strong team environments.

Kelli is a frequent speaker at national industry conferences and a regular columnist for Financial Planning on practice management topics. She has also directed the consulting services and research programs at Investment News, and while a Director of Advisor Services at Schwab was the driver of the industry’s first human capital practice consulting program for RIA advisory firms.

We leverage Kelli’s 20+ years of experience to ask all of our burning questions about team engagement: how engaged employees create engaged clients, and of course, referrals, how advisors need to be thinking about the culture within their firms and what constitutes strong and weak cultures, and how generational gaps in firms can have undesirable effects on culture and how to address this problem. Kelli not only helps to contextualize why these are critical questions for us all to be asking ourselves, but offers tangible strategies and examples of team building done right.

We’re confident that in hearing Kelli relate what she’s learned in her work, you will discover ideas for improvement in your own team and business.

Click here to listen, and make sure you’re subscribed for future episodes.

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