Differentiation through curated content – Kevin Mulhern on the Becoming Referable podcast


You’ve no doubt heard the buzz around content marketing as an important and effective way to engage your clients and draw potential clients. We brought Kevin Mulhern to the Becoming Referable podcast to tell us what every advisor needs to know to make full and effective use of this practice.

Kevin is the CEO and founding partner of AdvisorStream, a platform built specifically for financial advisors to leverage automated client communications and provide valuable updates to current clients and maximize client referrals. After working in both the financial and tech industries for over 20 years, Kevin noticed a shift in the delivery of content as it became increasingly digitized. AdvisorStream works hand in hand with some of the world’s most reputable publishers such as The New York Times, Reuters, Forbes, The Economist, and more to help advisors communicate with clients in a powerful new way.

In this episode, Kevin gives us the run-down on how advisors can best leverage content marketing: the difference between effective and ineffective – or even counterproductive – content, the specific role of the advisor in the process, how to personalize your communications, the balance between created and curated content, navigating different online media to get your content out, and a fool-proof way to make sure the frequency of your communications is just right for each client. Most impressively, you’ll hear how this process has led to an 80% communications opt-in rate for advisors using AdvisorStream.

Click here to listen to the conversation, and make sure you’re subscribed for future episodes.

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