Friction creates a brake that slows referrals

Eliminating the friction that slows referrals – The Becoming Referable podcast

You want to receive a consistent flow of qualified referrals. The easier it is to refer you, the more you will receive. Did you know there may be things you are doing (or not doing) that cause friction in the process, slowing down referrals you should be getting?

In this week’s episode, we focus on how to eliminate the points of friction from your referral process and make it easy for clients to make referrals. Anything that makes it harder to refer causes “friction”. It may be the client doesn’t remember a good way to describe your service or provide an introduction. It may be that once introduced, you lose track of a referral. Eliminating these points of friction and making for a continuous, smooth process will help you receive and convert more referrals.

We walk through five common ‘points of friction’ starting with how you can help clients articulate your value more effectively. Focusing on the problems you solve rather than the services you perform enables clients to communicate your value in very specific and relevant terms. From there we examine how to ensure the content you provide gets shared and how to control the message that prospects receive.  We look at how to help clients overcome any discomfort they may feel in making referrals. Finally, we describe strategies that ensure you build relationships with prospects so they remember you when the time is right for them to start working with you.

It is a great discussion that will help you remove friction and add fuel to your referral efforts.

Click here to listen and do provide your feedback on what you hear!

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