Engage yourself to engage clients

As entrepreneurs with unlimited demands on our time, we often forget – or neglect – to hit ‘pause’ and put the focus back on ourselves. The result is that we can feel empty and provide clients an experience that fails to engage them. On this week’s podcast, we’re excited to be talking Leo Pusateri, who’s here to remind us of the importance of focusing on being the best version of ourselves and the effect that can have on our clients.

Leo is President and CEO of Pusateri Consulting and Training, recognized as an expert in helping organizations and individuals discover, articulate and capitalize on their value, Leo’s work focuses on teaching advisors the principles of reputational value as well as how to develop and present it. Simply put, he’s interested in helping you go from good to great, and ultimately differentiated.

Our conversation is centered around the importance on focusing on you, as the advisor. Leo asks you to reflect on your own purpose and remember the goals you set for yourself, in your business and life. He dives deep into the seven areas he believes we should fulfill to live a life of significance. He explains a concept he calls the Sabbatical Experience and how this process helps  your clients and helps you expand your business and gaining more referrals.



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