Financial Advisor Checklist for Client Meetings

One of the best situations, in my view, to benefit from the use of a checklist is the client meeting.  With them, you can help assure that you and your staff have properly prepared, that you discuss all the necessary issues, and that all the necessary follow up is done.

I will post some examples of checklists you can use, and will create a page where you can post some of your own so that you can get some ideas or suggestions for improvement.  In the meantime, Horsesmouth just featured an article last week about this very topic, so I wanted to provide you the reference.

You can find the article here.  It is in the subscriber area, so if you are not already a member, you can sign up for a free trial.  If you have not already checked it out, I recommend it.  There are articles every day with valuable ideas and advice.

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