Forging an Ironclad Brand – Lindsay Pedersen on the Becoming Referable podcast

As you may have noticed, we’re big fans of brand strategy and distinguishing your brand to grow your business. On this week’s episode of Becoming Referable we’re joined by Lindsay Pedersen to dive deep into what advisors need to know to develop their own “Ironclad Brand”. asdf

Lindsay Pedersen is the author of Forging an Ironclad Brand, A Leader’s Guide.  She is a brand strategist with a scientific, growth-oriented approach to brand building. Lindsay first learned branding at Clorox and now advises companies from burgeoning start-ups to national corporations. More than just the responsibility of the marketing department, Pedersen believes that brand building is core to a leader’s responsibility: increasing the company’s value. She arms us with an empowering understanding of brand, and what it means to have an “Ironclad” brand strategy, so you can grow your business with intention, clarity and focus.

In our conversation, Lindsay shares several concepts discussed in her book. She explains the difference between brand position and brand promise and the importance of evaluating your brand. She discusses how to distinguish yourself using your UNcommon denominator and the importance of being just ‘distinct enough’ and no more. We conclude the podcast with the importance of fostering customer love to amplify your brand.


Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always. asdf

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