Gaining influence – Jay Palter on the Becoming Referable podcast


There’s a marketing gold mine that needs to be part of your digital strategy: influencer marketing.

Today on the Becoming Referable podcast, Jay Palter is here to get us all up to speed. Jay is a digital strategist who works with businesses and individuals to develop productive relationships with established influencers in their industry. He is a speaker, columnist for a variety of publications, and creator of an annual list of top Fintech influencers that is widely respected as the most authoritative of its kind in financial services.

In our conversation, Jay clarifies the roles of traditional and digital marketing right now and how the concept of marketing itself is being turned on its head. We then dive into influencer marketing: what it means, who’s doing it, how to determine if it’s right for you, and how you can get started today to reap its rewards. We talk about taking the overwhelm out of content creation by involving the team while ensuring your brand and personality aren’t lost in the process. You’ll hear about effective online networking strategies that will get you noticed by influencers and make you immediately more referable as a result.

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