Getting More Referrals Without Asking – Stacey Brown Randall on the Becoming Referable Podcast


We all want more client referrals and yet the majority of advisors say that asking is either uncomfortable or too ‘salesy’. Our guest on today’s episode of Becoming Referable, Stacey Brown Randall, literally wrote the book on how to get referrals into the conversation without the discomfort of asking.

Stacey is a three-time entrepreneur, trainer, coach, and author. She helps relationship-building business owners who want to generate referrals consistently and continuously. She believes her lack of focus on referrals caused her first business to fail and determined to pay close attention to them in subsequent ventures. In her first year alone as a business coach she generated 112 referrals – without asking –  followed by over 100 referrals year over year. Her book is appropriately titled Generating Business Referrals… Without Asking, and she’s the host of the Roadmap to Grow your Business podcast.

In our conversation, we talked about how her five-step process to driving more referrals is comfortable for advisors and reflects why clients refer in the first place. And, she tells us about the top three myths that get in the way of referrals.  Stacey also discusses the importance of providing memorable and meaningful experiences to your referral sources, and making sure your process are detailed enough to drive more growth. As you’ll hear, Stacey is a contrarian when it comes to generating referrals, and we’re sure her advice change how you look at the process!

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