Gifts that build relationships and referrals – John Ruhlin on the Becoming Referable podcast

Do you send clients gifts on holidays and birthdays? Do you add your logo or other marketing information to them? Do you attach a printed note from your team?

Today’s Becoming Referable guest, John Ruhlin, is here to explain why those approaches are counterproductive to referral marketing.

Ruhlin has built businesses on strategic gifting. And he never sends a client a gift between Thanksgiving and New Year’s! If you invest any time or money in presents to clients, you need to listen to this episode – it will make those investments a lot more productive.

John is the founder of Giftology, and author of the book by the same name. The firm helps professionals in many industries including financial services turn their clients into their own personal sales force to drive exponential growth. And it all centers around a strategic process of gift giving that helps you stand out from the competition.

We ask John to lay out all of the “don’ts” of gift giving and the reasoning behind each one. We can likely all relate to some of these pitfalls. John shares how you can break the predictability trap and instead surprise your clients with gifts – whether big or small – that demonstrate your appreciation of the relationship in a way that will keep your clients talking about you. He goes in-depth on personalizing your gifts, working around industry regulations, how to budget for gift giving, and how to plan this all out proactively to generate the maximum amount of impact and referrals. Finally, he provides a free resource that can help you get started on improving your gift giving immediately.

Click here to listen. Let us know what you think of the conversation!

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