Giving different generations “multiple points of entry” – April Rudin on the Becoming Referable podcast

As we look around our industry today, we’re finding that more and more advisors are seeing the need for a focused, clear and proactive marketing strategy. Our guest today has dedicated the last 10 years to this work; we’re thrilled to welcome April Rudin to Becoming Referable.

April is Founder and President of The Rudin Group, and is acknowledged as a top marketing strategist for the financial-services and wealth-management sectors. She forecasts and analyzes critical trends in the industry and creates marketing campaigns for enhancing brand visibility for advisory firms. She is a speaker, contributor to international news and business outlets, and also heads the editorial board for NexChange, a global financial services’ networking start-up.

Our conversation with April touches on three of April’s areas of expertise: wealth, fintech, and next-gen clients. She lays out her marketing philosophy, and why she believes in segmenting, but not over-segmenting your target audience and messaging, so that you can attract clients into your firm through multiple ‘points of entry’. We talk about why center of influence marketing is a gold mine for referrals, and how you can leverage it without having to continually ‘pitch’ yourself. April has great insights on how marketing to millennials differs from marketing to Gen Xers. She provides specific action steps you can take to start setting yourself apart and connecting with the next generation of high-net worth clients.

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