How to have tough conversations that add value, with David Wood

How to have the tough conversations that add value

Most of us avoid conflict when discussing money. On this week’s episode we welcome back David Wood, Founder and CEO of Play for Real and, who makes the case that difficult conversations deliver more value.

David is an author, coach, and entrepreneur.  In this episode he provides us with a roadmap to master tough conversations.

David breaks down understanding the need to address difficult issues and the benefits that can be uncovered in the process. We analyze examples of tough conversations with clients and how they lead to better outcomes. The discussion then shifts to David’s ‘4 Steps to a Tough Conversation’ where he lays out a blueprint for a masterful approach to making these types of interactions more comfortable. It’s a great discussion, one that will give you the tools needed to create a plan to drive value by having tough conversations – with ease!

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.


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