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Laying a Foundation for Referral Growth – the final episode of Becoming Referable

“There is no one single way to drive referrals, however there are some fundamental truths. Success is about ‘becoming referable’ and then staying top of mind with the client.”

This one is special – and bittersweet. After five years and nearly 130 episodes, it is with some sadness (but with great pride) that we’re announcing that we’re saying goodbye to Becoming Referable.

But it’s not all bad news, of course. We’ve learned so much from each other and from all the great guests we had on the show. We had the absolute pleasure of talking with so many thought leaders and hearing their insights, all with the aim of helping you increase referrals and drive growth.

In this final episode of the Becoming Referable podcast we highlight the recurring themes that emerged over the years. Despite the varied approaches and insights of our guests, there are a set of foundational principles that apply to referral growth.  And we’ve done our best to summarize those for you, drawing on examples from some incredible thought leaders.

In our final episode, we look back and highlight the most important recurring themes.

We examine the starting point of any referral strategy: knowing who you want to attract. We dive into the importance of branding and why you need to differentiate yourself as an advisor. We explore how to deliver an extraordinary client experience, the critical role of consistency and the ways you can drive deeper conversations to make the experience memorable.

We discuss the need to embrace new client communication channels and the importance of adapting your message to each medium. And finally, we talk about the value of having a coordinated referral system in place and how referrals are not a transaction – it’s all about playing the long game.

Click here to listen.

Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us.

Best wishes and happy new year!

Julie Littlechild & Steve Wershing

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