Leading from Zero, Earning and Sustaining Relevance — Dave Coffaro on the Becoming Referable podcast

Dave Coffaro believes your business depends on staying relevant to clients and that you have to earn that relevance every day.

In his book, Leading From Zero, he goes even further, asking you to start each day with zero – zero clients, zero staff, zero partners. What would your priorities be?

On this week’s episode we speak with Coffaro about adopting a Leading From Zero mindset and how it can transform your business.

Dave is a strategic leadership advisor, executive coach, author and principal of the Strategic Advisory Consulting Group.

Our conversation includes:

  • Why Coffaro believes there is no such thing as status quo
  • Why you must be willing to go to any length to nurture client relationships, and how to do it
  • Making resource development a differentiator
  • The seven essential elements of earning relevance
  • What it means to have a process mindset and how it can benefit you
  • What we can learn from the Rolling Stones about maintaining relevance

Dave explains what leading from zero means and how earning and sustaining relevance with employees and customers is the primary responsibility of leaders. We discuss what comprises relevance for a financial advisor, and what it means to go to any length to nurture the relationship with the client. We talk about using resource development as a differentiator, and we explore his seven elements of earning relevance.

It is a great discussion that will help you lead your company forward by understanding the evolving needs of your clients.

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.


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