Make referral marketing a system

You may have tried lots of things to get referrals and been disappointed by the results. This week on Becoming Referable we talk about the difference between doing things and implementing a system to consistently attract referrals.

We talk – a lot – about referral tactics on this podcast. But we know that the systems you put in place are even more important than the tactics you use.

In this week’s episode, we examine how to create a true ‘referral system’ in your business by standardizing key activities.  Those activities include how you track your referral sources and the communication with the people that have been referred. Our focus is on showing you how to put systems in place to ensure your referral activities are both intentional and consistent.

As part of the conversation, we share how to leverage your CRM to create effective workflows and discuss the importance of defining and communicating a clear referral process for your clients. When you focus on adding value, recognizing and nurturing your referral sources, you’ll build much stronger relationships.

Our conversation includes:

  • Systematizing your approach to referrals
  • Planning and scheduling communication sequences
  • Acknowledging and rewarding referral sources
  • Leveraging your CRM to establish consistency
  • Communicating the referral process to reduce potential friction

It is a great discussion that will help create effective referral marketing strategies.

Click here to listen and do provide your feedback on what you hear!

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