Make yourself distraction-proof: Paul Kingsman on the Becoming Referable Podcast


What if you had the focus of an Olympian? Think of it – sticking relentlessly on your goal, though all the boring and necessary day by day pick and shovel work, punctuated by the occasional big win, as you become one of the best in the world. Fighting off all the demands on our attention and staying on course to the gold. What could you accomplish if you had the focus of one of these elite athletes?

We spoke to one advisor who knows.

On this episode of Becoming referable we speak with Paul Kingsman, an Olympic medalist and former advisor turned speaker and executive coach, as well as author of The Distraction-Proof Advisor. Paul teaches advisors how to maintain focus to successfully grow their businesses and achieve outstanding long-term results. His background has led him to understand best principles and processes to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

We begin our conversation with Paul to discuss goal achievement and distractions in general. We discuss the relative importance of skill, environment, focus, and having a clearly defined ‘why’. He provides easily implementable ideas for gaining clarity around each aspect of your goal and overcoming common obstacles. We then move into the advisory space specifically, and talk about the challenges inherent in this work. You’ll hear how Paul’s firm was able to grow substantially by committing to a niche, and the approach they took when new referrals didn’t fit that criteria. It’s a discussion full of valuable insights for anyone with goals, big or small.

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