Managing the elements of your investment management process – Evan Rapoport on the Becoming Referable podcast

The intersection of technology, investment management, and outsourcing is central to the client experience you provide. In this episode we speak with Evan Rapoport, whose firm SmartX Advisory Solutions lives in that space.

Building on years of experience in the institutional asset management segment, Mr. Rapoport pioneered managed accounts technology that would allow wealth managers of all types to access the same strategies typically only available to the largest investors.

With the introduction of real-time trading and access to traditional, alternative, and direct indexing strategies through a unified managed account structure, Mr. Rapoport changed the way advisors look at Turnkey Asset Management Programs.

In our conversation, we discuss the importance of outsourcing as a means to enhance client experience to free up time for advisors to focus on what really matter to their clients. We discus SMArtX Advisory and how their platform can be leveraged to assist advisors. We dig deeper to provide examples of how advisors are working with OCIO teams and ways advisors can overcome their concerns with technology-based trading. It is an interesting discussion which will have you asking yourself, how can I leverage outsourcing to offer a better service to my clients.

Click here to listen. We welcome your feedback, as always.

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