Mark Tibergien on Brand, Culture and Referability


We have to admit it; we’re huge fans of Mark Tibergien and everything he does for this industry.  So  today we’re very excited to have him as a guest on the Becoming Referable podcast.

Mark is the CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions and was previously a principal at Moss Adams as well as president of a nationally recognized bank and consulting firm. He has been recognized throughout the industry as an influencer (named The Most Influential Person in Financial Services in a 2017 Investment Advisor survey), a pioneer (named to InvestmentNews’ Icons & Innovators list in 2016), and leader (honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Private Asset Management in 2015). Mark is also a columnist and the author of four books on strengthening advisory practices.

In this episode, we pick Mark’s brain about what makes – and will make – advisors and their firms stand out to prospective clients. We dissect important concepts like niche and branding, the common challenges in defining these things. Mark tells us  why creating a culture based on clearly defined values is one of the most important responsibilities of a firm’s principal and shares his own approach to doing just that.

As always, we tie all of this back to the direct impact on referability. Mark’s insights and advice are well-studied and apply universally, to firms large and small.

Click here to listen, and make sure you’re subscribed for future episodes.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

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