Marketing Strategies to embrace and which to leave behind – Robert Sofia on the Becoming Referable podcast


Today’s guest on the Becoming Referable podcast is Robert Sofia. Robert is the CEO of Snappy Kraken, a solution that helps financial advisors automate their businesses. He is an award-winning speaker, author of two best-selling books, contributor to several business and finance publications, and has provided his marketing expertise to over 1,000 financial companies since 2005.

Robert understands that one of the biggest challenges for advisors is automating communications to clients and prospects in a way that is meaningful and drives results for engagement and growth. In our conversation, he shares valuable ways of thinking about how advisors have broadcasted their messages in the past, and why it’s important to leave some of those methods behind us. We discuss why authenticity and personal connections are critical aspects of marketing and demonstrating your value, now and in the future. And he discusses how to develop those authentic connections through a marketing program.

Robert also provides several actionable ideas for how you can improve automation in your marketing campaigns to make them feel more personalized to the specific recipient. The end results are better quality conversations, stronger client relationships, and of course, greater referability.



Click here to listen to the conversation. We welcome your feedback!

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