Julie Littlechild shares her new research on client expectations

New Research on the client experience since the pandemic

How has the global pandemic changed the client experience?

How do clients really feel about virtual review meetings?

How can advisors deliver greater value by reflecting those changing expectations and needs?

In this week’s episode of the Becoming Referable podcast, we examine the data from Absolute Engagement’s latest investor research to answer the burning questions that are on all of our minds. We dig deep to examine exactly how the pandemic has changed how clients think about the future and what that means for your client experience.

Our conversation includes:

  • Why advisors can’t make assumptions about client experience
  • The untapped opportunities for advisors to add value to clients
  • The connection between client self-confidence and your review process
  • Client perceptions of virtual reviews

It is a great discussion that will help you see the dangers of making assumptions as well as the untapped opportunities to add value.

Click here to listen and do provide your feedback on what you hear!

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