Paint a picture of working with you

How does a relationship with you change clients’ lives? If you could create an image of that life for people, can you imagine how powerful a draw that could be for clients and referrals?

So much of advisor marketing is oriented to what you do. Specifically, when you discuss your services or process many have a tendency to list chronologically the activities you undertake to help clients get where they want to go. What’s the probability that prospective clients cannot connect that to the outcome they desire? You know what a financial plan, retirement plan, or portfolio strategy can accomplish but if your client already understood that wouldn’t they already be working with you?

What if you promoted instead the outcome you are trying to help them produce?

Being a bit specific helps. Rather than marketing the peace of mind your clients experience, what led to that state of calm? What obstacle to that feeling did you relieve to create the opportunity for the better state of mind to arise? Is it the confidence that they will be able to retire comfortably? Is it security in the knowledge they can afford college for their children without compromising retirement savings goals?

So, instead of saying that you prepare a retirement plan or even that your plan will provide confidence, consider connecting the dots: We will analyze different retirement scenarios so you can be confident in planning a level of income that will last as long as you do.

Whatever state of being you help clients achieve, see if you can show clients how what you do takes them where they want to go. And the more customized you can make the scenario, the more you can demonstrate that you not only deliver value but are the superior choice.

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