Personal Tragedy to Perfected Niche: Stacy Francis On The Becoming Referable Podcast


If you’ve listened to the Becoming Referable podcast before, you know we are big fans of financial advisors who have perfected the art and science of designing their business around a clearly defined niche.

Today’s guest, Stacy Francis, is just such an advisor. Stacy is the President and CEO of Francis Financial, and founder of Savvy Ladies, a non-profit that has provided free personal finance education and resources to over 20,000 women. Stacy’s personal mission is to create a community of women who lift each other up and take ownership of their situations in order to move forward with confidence and live the life they deserve.

We often find that advisors who serve a specific niche have a personal connection to it, and you’ll hear how a tragedy in her life set Stacy on a trajectory that defined her career in financial services. From there you’ll get an education on how to tailor everything in your firm – the physical environment, messaging and online presence, client meetings and events, team skills and processes, referral marketing system, and more – to the clients who are right for you. Stacy shares her strategies and principles in detail, and will help you understand why it’s entirely worth your while to draw a line in the sand and make commitments about the work you do and for whom you do it.


Click here to listen. We’d love to hear your feedback on the episode!

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  1. PaulJuly 13, 2018


    Totally agree with you regarding Stacy's website; clear, concise and helpful and therefore hugely effective. Enjoyed the interview with her.


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