Putting clients first goes for marketing, too

Financial professionals put client interests first in recommendations. Holding to a fiduciary standard makes it a legal requirement. Why not put client interests first in your marketing, too?

A client driven practice puts the client first in everything: service, marketing, strategy. Client driven service means being responsive. It means dispensing advice tailored to client needs and circumstances in light of their goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, tax bracket, and other considerations. Putting clients first strategically means offering a combination of services and an experience tailored to the needs, wants, and desires of the client you want to serve. Do you have the right skills and expertise? Are you delivering them in a way convenient to the client? Do your processes ensure they get the experience they desire?

Client driven marketing also starts with the client. How well do you know the persona of that ideal client? Their concerns, biases, personality, interests. Most important, how well do you understand their unique challenges? The particular things they are searching to accomplish or problems that need to be solved. Dig down into them. How does facing those challenges make them feel? Nervous, frustrated, insecure, exasperated? Tapping into those feelings enables you to create messages that create real connection. To take you away from the sales pitch and into the beginning of a relationship.

Most advisor marketing starts with the advisor. Here’s what we do, here’s how we get paid, here’s who we are. That’s advisor driven marketing. Client driven marketing puts the client first.

Lead with empathy. Communicate your understanding of who they are, what they strive for, and how achieving it will make them feel.

Helping clients feel understood builds credibility. Understanding their problems builds credibility. It helps move you from being a competent advisor to being the right advisor.

What’s at the top of your homepage? Does it describe your target client, a challenge they want to overcome, a journey they want to take, or an outcome they aspire to? If not, it could be more powerful. How can you make your headline immediately connect with your target market?


Free checklist!

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