Research shows client feedback can make or break your business – Kevin Quigg on the Becoming Referable podcast


All financial advisors strive to have highly satisfied clients. You may even measure the success of your business by this metric. But have you ever considered customer satisfaction as a factor in investment performance?

This is where we start in today’s conversation with Kevin Quigg, Chief Strategist at Exponential ETFs, on the Becoming Referable podcast. Kevin is, as you’ll hear, obsessed with customer satisfaction. In his current role, he helps clients to leverage this factor in investments, and helps advisors reap the benefits by way of business growth.

Along with his 25 years of experience in financial services, Kevin comes to us armed with fascinating new research that helps advisors internalize the trends in satisfaction. You’ll hear about how a disruption in satisfaction can affect entire organizations in ways never seen before, and how financial advisors can use their unique client relationships to overcome these challenges. Kevin explains key concepts driving satisfaction, like expectations, experience, perceived value, and elasticity. He provides clarity around what aspects of satisfaction are table stakes, vs. those that truly differentiate you. He also stresses client feedback as something that can ‘make or break you’, and how you can build consistency around that process. There is tremendous referral and growth opportunity for advisors who implement the strategies Kevin puts forth, and we were glad to spend some time with him to talk through it all.

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