Brad Swineheart shares the secrets of digital marketing success

Running and promoting on-line events that attract clients – Brad Swineheart on the Becoming Referable podcast

On this week’s episode we speak with Brad Swineheart, VP of Channel Marketing and Business Development at White Glove. Brad helps advisors grow their bottom line organically through effective marketing strategies.

Traditionally, White Glove was in the seminar business. White Glove has grown to support over 1,500 advisors who have hosted more than 10,000 seminars since he joined the firm. The pandemic brought an abrupt halt to that business. Brad and the firm had to execute a fast pivot.

Rather than focusing on the decline of in-person events, White Glove went digital. Brad shares actionable strategies to capitalize on the opportunities available for advisors who truly embrace the shift to a virtual environment.

We discuss the ways you can get in front of prospects and clients, virtually, and the importance of authenticity when trying to connect digitally. He explains how the most progressive advisors are adapting their approach to use social media to foster more engagement and create meaningful connection. We break down the perceived challenges of virtual events and uncover new opportunities that only digital platforms can fully provide. Brad explains how we must upgrade our skills to shift from  an in-person to virtual environment and how the need for these skills is not going  away. It is a great discussion that will help you transition your business to truly leverage the virtual environment.

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.

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