Carl Richards on the Becoming Referable podcast

Sharpie insights in the value of planning – Carl Richards on the Becoming Referable podcast

You want to be able to get across the value of the work you do for clients. But how do you explain the value of financial planning? Many advisors struggle with even defining financial planning, including some of the industry luminaries who developed the idea. Carl Richards has been part of that industry conversation and approaches it from an innovative and interesting perspective.

On this week’s episode we speak with Richards, a Certified Financial Planner and creator of the Sketch Guy column appearing in The New York Times. The focus is on having deeper conversations and the concept of “real” financial planning in order to redefine your role as a financial advisor.

Carl explains how the idea of real financial planning transforms the way you serve clients by taking an approach that gives them the ability to both define and communicate their goals in a more meaningful way. We discuss the types of questions you can build into meetings that go much deeper than just investments or financial planning.  Carl will help you change how you define your role in a way that will help you provide clients with real leadership and guidance.

It is a powerful conversation that will help you focus on what truly matters to your clients.

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.


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