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    Stop wasting time and money on keynote speakers that don’t bring in new clients

    If your attendees don’t walk away with innovative, actionable ideas that build their businesses, they may not come back. If you want growing attendance year after year, you need to help attendees become more profitable.

    If you’re like most event planners we’ve worked with, you’re likely:

    • Feeling frustrated that you see only the same themes offered over and over
    • Frustrated with the lack of speakers that have innovative new ideas and know financial services inside and out
    • Tired of speakers who sell their product or service from the podium

    Stephen Wershing, CFP® is on a mission to help your audience attract more clients and referrals using a client driven approach that works.

    Audiences immediately relate to the strategies he shows them and they leave ready to implement them in their own business. They are thrilled and invigorated to finally hear about strategies that make sense.


    presentations given


    topics all centered around how to use strategic marketing to grow your business


    financial professionals in attendance

    Speaking credits include:

    • AICPA Advanced Planning Conference
    • NAPFA National Conference
    • FPA NorCal
    • SEI Strategic Advisor Conference
    • Bob Veres’ Insiders Forum
    • MetLife Advanced Planning Conference
    • Women in Insurance and Financial Services Conference

    Recent presentations include:

    Taking Your Clients’ Advice

    If you want to know what clients really value about you, what they say about you, and how to attract more of them, you need to ask the experts – THEM!

    This program will show you how an effective client advisory board can help your business deliver the best experience possible while getting rewarded with more loyalty and more referrals.

    Stop Sabotaging Your Reputation – 3 Promises That Will Fix Your Marketing

    When most advisors describe their business to a prospective client, when they tried to work with marketing professionals to create websites and brochures, too many inadvertently undermine their own message. They say the same things as other advisors, they don’t address the client’s most pressing needs, or they use jargon. Great marketing isn’t hard. All you have to do is promise clients three things. Make these promises (that the SEC has no problem with) in your conversations and your marketing, and you will find people much more interested in what you have to say.

    Stop Asking For Referrals (And Get More Than You Ever Have Before)

    Why don’t advisors get more referrals? Because they don’t approach it as an active, disciplined strategy.

    In this program, Steve, the co-host of the popular podcast Becoming Referable, shares with your audience lessons from over one hundred episodes and his own proprietary research.

    Attendees will leave with ideas and strategies they can put into practice as soon as they get back to the office.

    Virtual Sessions

    Please contact Stephen for more information on virtual speaking events.

    Give your audience an experience they will love, and ideas they will use to become more successful.

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    Cannot stop singing your praises! You did such a great job presenting and it was an honor not only listening to you speak but being your Moderator during such an engaging session.
    Sara Wiliams XY Planning Network
    Steve Wershing is one of the most articulate speakers I’ve ever heard.
    Marie Swift President & CEO, Impact Communications
    I just went to the greatest presentation on marketing and referrals. Steve Wershing is unbelievable!

    Gary Miller Chief Investment Officer, Frontier Asset Management LLC