Talk about your clients in your marketing – not yourself


When a prospect in your niche sees your brochure or website, the response you probably hope for is “Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for.” A lot of what I see, however, (especially in the fee-only community) is oriented around “this is what we believe.”

At ABC advisors, we believe fee-only advice blah blah blah. Since we don’t take commissions blah blah blah. We believe a comprehensive financial plan blah blah blah.

The advisor business is event-driven – looking for a new financial advisor is typically triggered by something happening in a prospect’s life. If I am looking for an advisor, I probably have a problem to solve. Reading about what you believe probably doesn’t look like a solution to me. I am looking for a message that communicates that your firm will help me address my challenge.

Do you have this problem? People who are challenged by (insert problem here) come to us because we are experts at…

If I’m looking for a new financial advisor, I’m looking to find a firm that understands me and what I have to deal with. I’m looking for a firm that has a unique ability to address the problems I have to solve. I’m looking for a firm that tells me they have something I’m looking for. I’m probably not looking to learn about you and read your manifesto.

Get in the habit of talking about your ideal clients and the problems you help them solve. If I talk to you and that’s what I hear, if that’s the message I get from your brochure or your website, you will probably get an appointment.

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