The many niches of women – Heather Ettinger on the Becoming Referable podcast

Articles and studies point out that “women” are not a niche market. Yet it is undeniable that there are significant differences between advising women and men. Firms that have tailored their approach to women have more value to offer their ideal clients. In reality, being a woman is one aspect of a client profile that, when combined with other specific attributes, adds something meaningful to the description of a target client and the kind of niche experience you can create.

This week we have the great opportunity to speak with Heather Ettinger. Heather is the CEO of Luma Wealth, a firm that is on a mission to not only understand, but to support women’s wealth needs. Heather has devoted more than 25 years to the financial services industry and is widely recognized for her experience and dedication to helping women build their financial acumen and wealth.

We discuss Heather’s view that the financial industry does not ‘hear’ women and their financial needs and break down how advisors can reverse that trend.

By digging into these issues, we focus on what ties women together, as clients, and how you can target and support them while also doing the same for the men in their families. It’s a great discussion that will leave you asking yourself, “How can I change the way I operate to provide actual value to a defined target market instead of trying to be all things to all people?”

Click here to listen we welcome your feedback, as always.

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