The Psychology of Referrals – Dan Allison on the Becoming Referable podcast


Our guest on the Becoming Referable podcast this week is Dan Allison, founder and President of the Feedback Marketing Group.

Dan became a successful entrepreneur at a very young age, in the field of psychology. After selling his business, he decided to turn his attention to financial services, and to interview thousands of clients over several years. What he discovered was extremely valuable information about how clients perceive the value of their financial advisors, and how that translates to referrals – or lack thereof.

In our interview, Dan shares the seven main reasons why clients don’t refer. He takes his unique background and research approach, and translates it into the right questions to ask to help motivate referral behavior.

Most importantly, Dan shares tactics to overcome the referral hurdles that clients face.  He shares specific ways to talk to clients that will get them to refer without asking for lists of names. And, he explains why this process starts with understanding which of your clients are likely to be your best referral sources.

You’ll find that Dan’s strategies are easy to implement, mostly because they are predicated on authenticity and truth about your desire to help more people. Increased referability is just the natural end point!

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