The Referral Power of Real Expertise – Mary Beth Franklin on the Becoming Referable Podcast


Today on the Becoming Referable podcast, we’re joined by Mary Beth Franklin. Mary Beth is one of America’s leading experts on Social Security and Medicare. An award-winning journalist and speaker, she writes a weekly column in Investment News. She has also channeled her expertise into her book, Maximizing Your Social Security Retirement Benefits.

It’s that very expertise and the lessons advisors can glean from it, that drew us to Mary Beth. She regularly talks to advisors as well as their clients about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And she has a lot to say about how advisors can benefit by developing their own expertise in addressing this need that all people approaching retirement will face.  By developing knowledge of Social Security and how to maximize it, advisors can create better outcomes for their retiring clients who will then tell their friends about all the additional benefit the advisor delivered.

We picked Mary Beth’s brain, in our conversation, about how advisors can leverage this specific market. You will learn if you’re the type of advisor for whom it’s a fitting niche, how you can build your expertise (lots of specific resources mentioned), and how to communicate that to prospective clients. Mary Beth shares instructive anecdotes on finding the need among retirement-aged folks based on the things most people simply don’t know. She explains why it’s just as important to understand the psychological changes as clients go from accumulation to distribution of savings. And you’ll hear how a simple piece of advice can make a lasting impact and make you immediately more referable.

Click here to listen and benefit from Mary Beth’s insights. Whether your niche is in this arena or something entirely different, you’ll no doubt walk away with excellent ideas.

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