Dan Cuprill talks list building and referrals

The value of Shock and Awe – Dan Cuprill on the Becoming Referable podcast

Don’t ask for referrals. Don’t even encourage your clients to provide them immediately. Enlist their help in building your list instead. The key to a consistent stream of new clients is having a big list you keep in touch with regularly. The more people you touch with each communication, the more likely it is the time will be right for one of them to need your services.

That’s just one of the valuable ideas shared on this week’s episode by our guest Dan Cuprill, President of Matson & Cuprill, who specializes in helping people prepare for financial independence by employing a holistic planning system.

Dan is an author, coach and entrepreneur.  He hosts The Profitable Advisor podcast. In this episode he provides us with a roadmap to create systems that help attract the right clients organically.

We discuss strategies for developing large targeted lists. He also shares the idea of a ‘Shock and Awe’ kit clients can gift to friends they want to refer. Dan emphasizes the importance of maintaining referral intent in designing systems for his business. He believes those systems form a blueprint that has enabled him to consistently get referrals without asking. We review the elements of that system so you can incorporate the same ideas into your business.

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.


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