Their obstacle is your way

I am embracing the new year to tackle a couple of significant challenges I have struggled with for years. Problems being productive. Managing my workload. Probably made worse by my ADD but I don’t want to use that as an excuse. Many of you can probably relate.

I have tried the obvious and easy to find strategies: prioritize, time block, setting intention, delegate more. I need to go deeper. And so I’m exploring any avenue that may give me insight. One path is re-examining Stoic philosophy. And so I am rereading Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way.

In it, Holiday explains the principle of embracing the problem as inspiration for metamorphosis. Who is the person who effectively addresses that challenge and how can you become them?

You can turn that idea around for marketing. What demonstrates that you are the guide to people who have overcome the challenge your ideal clients face? Their obstacle is your way.

The essence of a Client Driven Practice is clients’ needs become your drives. What they value most becomes your focus. If solving their most significant challenge motivates you, your marketing will drive them to you.

Effective marketing starts with the client. Telling their story attracts and connects you with them. Position yourself as the guide who has a plan to get them through that challenge and they will seek you out.

What is your client’s obstacle? What stands between them and who they want to become? That’s your way.


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