Top 10 Habits to Drop

In a recent article on Morningstar advisor, Allyson Lewis, author of The Seven Minute Difference, describes how to implement better practices by letting go of bad practices. It’s worth a read.

I’m dedicated to helping financial advisors consistently do what’s important, and this article has lots of good tips for accomplishing exactly that. Included in their practice management list is a reminder of the importance of something that I focus on, having repeatable systems and processes.

Lewis also names other productivity killers including telephones, e-mail, disorganization, unfinished tasks, lack of goals. I will go further than she does on a couple of the recommendations. The article jumps from mission and vision to 90 day goals. I think there’s value in one-year, if not three- or five- year goals. David Allen refers to these as the 30,000 and 50,000 foot views of life.

Lewis also recommendations setting aside 30 minute blocks of time unbroken by phones or e-mail to work on projects and tasks.  I prefer the discipline of checking e-mail at specific times of the day, limiting it to three to five times over eight hours.

One item I especially appreciate is the recommendation on the importance of roles. Knowing who should do what, and dedicating time only to those activities that fit within your role, is a crucial time management discipline. With this article as inspiration, I may post some thoughts about roles as well.

Lewis has assembled some valuable tips in a quick read that’s worth checking out.

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