We’re all going to be 20% different – Chip Munn on the Becoming Referable podcast

In this week’s podcast we speak with Chip Munn on how he is coaching clients through this difficult time, what specific strategies he is using to keep in touch and reassure them, and how to turn any situation into an opportunity.

Chip Munn is the CEO of Signature Wealth Group. After leaving teaching, Chip joined the financial services profession at age 22, and since then has gone on to build a wealth management enterprise with 10 advisors and over $1.3 billion under management. In addition to running Signature Wealth Strategies, he’s also the host of the new podcast Maximum Advisor.

In our conversation, Chip talks about what he’s finding successful in coaching clients through this pandemic and market crisis. We discuss how he’s keeping a pulse on client feelings by, among other things, convening an unscheduled and virtual version of the client advisory board that he’s run for some time. He explains his belief that we will all be about 20% different in how we approach our professions after this crisis is over. Chip reviews with us his eight principles for making a successful advisory business. Chip also talks about how he believes this market can be a huge opportunity for building business and attracting referrals. There are lots of great tips on how to become a thriving advisory firm, even in this difficult market.

Click here to listen we welcome your feedback, as always.

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