What College Planning Can Tell Us About Developing a Niche — Joe Messinger on the Becoming Referable podcast


If you’ve ever wished for a 40-minute crash course on building a successful business around a specific niche, today is your lucky day.

We’re joined on the Becoming Referable podcast by Joe Messinger, CFP, CHFC, CLU, and co-founder and director of college planning for Capstone Wealth Partners. Also as CEO of Capstone College Partners, Joe is on a mission to end the student loan crisis one family at a time. As a trusted authority in the area of college planning and funding, he is frequently asked to speak to parents and financial professionals to demystify the college funding process with his unique College Pre-Approval™ program. He has been quoted and interviewed by the likes of The Journal of Financial Planning, Bloomberg News, and much more.

Joe tells us how he translated an obvious need among his peers into a career based on serving a specific niche – and becoming easily referable in the process. With a passion for helping families of college-bound students, and a keen understanding of effective processes and partnerships, he led his firm to become the leading solution for their ideal clients. And he shares how other advisors can apply the same principles to their own niches. We learn about Capstone’s discovery, onboarding and planning processes, how they’ve established themselves as experts in their arena, and how they’ve cultivated relationships that have become their strongest drivers of referrals. Joe asks you to think about the clients or work that you truly connect with, and challenges you to get intentional about your success.

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