What effective client communication looks like – Matt Halloran on the Becoming Referable podcast


Ever try communicating with a medical professional and have the jargon get in the way of understanding your or a loved one’s condition? Our guest on this episode of the becoming referable podcast, Matt Halloran, learned how to get past jargon when he was a therapist counseling families of patients in hospice.

Now a speaker, author, coach, social media expert, insane podcast host, and partner at Top Advisor Marketing, Matt has 20 years experience in financial services since his therapist days.

We discuss what effective communication looks like, the five mistakes financial advisors most commonly make in communicating with clients and simple exercises you can work through to address them. We dig into why Halloran sees social media as the best listening tool ever invented. And he shares ideas for utilizing social networks to get to know your existing clients in new ways and attract more of your ideal clients.



Click here to get this episode and get this advice and more, including the story of the outrageous offer he made to Ron Carson that got him in the financial services business.

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