Are Client Advisory Boards worth the trouble?

You have heard about advisory boards, maybe they can give you some useful feedback on your service, and they involve some work and some risk. But are they worth it in terms of the one statistic that matters: will they help you bring in new clients?

After conducting hundreds of advisory boards we can say without hesitation Yes!

This report addresses seven ways a well-run client advisory board can help you bring in more clients and referrals.

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How to get valuable, actionable input in a virtual environment.

You can get insights into what’s on your client’s minds by meeting virtually but the rules are different.

Download our free pdf to learn how to make your advisory board a success on a video conferencing platform.

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Does your marketing project your unique value?

Does it project your difference powerfully enough to attract exactly the clients you want?

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Use it any time you are creating some form of marketing: Emails, advertisements, blog posts, social posts, web pages, direct mail. Using this checklist to refine your messages will help you create more powerful messages and get the best return on your marketing dollar.

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