Would you climb a tree for a client? Chuck Bean on the Becoming Referable podcast


What if your client service was so consistent yet personalized and meaningful that you could double your business in a few years, and do it all organically – via client referrals?

Our guest on the Becoming Referable podcast today is Chuck Bean, Founder and CEO of Heritage Financial Services, and he’s here to share just how he and his team accomplished this feat.

Heritage Financial is the 2017 winner of the Charles Schwab Best in Business Impact Award, a $1.4 billion AUM firm built on Chuck’s simple philosophy: the client’s needs always come first.

In our conversation, Chuck goes into tremendous and helpful detail about the firm’s service model starting with their ensemble team approach (and the realization he had that led to that team approach in the first place). He explains exactly how his team uses their CRM and a highly intensive and methodical onboarding process to make sure they’re attracting clients who are ‘engaged, involved, and very respectful of professional guidance and advice’. You’ll hear about the firm’s client advisory board and how they use it to not only gather valuable feedback on how they’re doing, but to bring their ideal clients into the process of designing the service and
 experience itself. It’ll come as no surprise, by the end, why Chuck and his team have seen tremendous growth and accolades for the service they provide.

And listen through to the end when Chuck tells us of an experience early in his career of going above and beyond the call to provide service – we challenge you to show how committed you are to a client this dramatically!

Click here to listen.

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